Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The 25 Cent Tour

Well, I've got nothing better to do while my babies are sleeping so I thought I'd take you on a tour of my bathroom. It's very exciting which is why I'm charging you 25 cents--I accept Paypal and Money Orders, but we can take care of that later--I know you're good for it.

Say "Hi" to Mary. She's the first stop on our tour. Mary is from my Grandmother, and no, I'm not Catholic--just obsessed with this portrait for morbid reasons: a. I used to take it off the wall at night when I slept in my Grandma's house because I don't like faces looking at me when I sleep (this includes doll faces which must be turned to the wall), b. It reminds me of when people go hunting and hang a deer head on the wall--it's classy though b/c it's a Saint
Here's a candle-holder, also from my Grandmother. She's such a diva she preferred to be photographed in black in white (the candle-holder, not my Grandmother!).I find that its 70s sensibilities complement Mary perfectly.
Shower Curtain...I know this isn't exciting but just be thankful that I didn't take a picture of the grout between the bathroom tiles...seriously, be thankful!

Oh Look! It's a picture of us before children, Awwww....isn't that cute? We were so young and I was so thin....Shoot, now I'm depressed! Moving on...

I like my tissue box and...wait a minute...


Who in the world decided that a frog wiping his behind was a good marketing tool for this product? Are you kidding me?

This picture reminds me of those horrible t.p. commercials that use the bears to showcase the softness of their products...I think animals using hygiene products are disturbing. I've always been a nature lover and I don't feel that this is environmentally correct--I mean, if all the frogs in the world wiped their behinds with toilet paper we'd be in a heap more environmental trouble

Also, that frog looks awful happy...a bit too happy if you ask me...and I don't like his shifty eyes neither.

What commercials/product labeling disturbs YOU?

p.s. I hope that you enjoyed your tour, and no, the .25 is non-refundable!


Julie said...

That is SO funny! I've never noticed that frog wiping his rear before!!! (Probably because I haven't ever actually bought those, therefore I've never looked too closely at the packaging) That IS a little sick and twisted. My least favorite commercial characters are the booger/mucous "creatures" in the Mucinex commercials. I'm sorry, but that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gross! And now that they have kid's Mucinex, they have KID booger/mucous creatures. GREAT.

Brie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Okay, do you know the advertisement for Lever 2000 with the baby? It's sitting by someone's feet- grody, grown up feet- and it HAS A TOE IN IT'S MOUTH!!!!!!! ONE OF THE ADULT TOES!!! EWWWWWWWWWW! Seriously, I had to tear that page out of the magazine, it disturbed me so much!

Emily said...

LOL I just snorted my water.

Elijahpayne said...

Your hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I do really hate the mucinex commercials, too, but my least favorite advertising ploy is the deliberate misspelling of product names, like Cheez Kurls. Why is that necessary!