Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: College Edition

One of my most embarrassing displays took place on one of my first dates with Mr. Wonderful. We had done a lot together with groups of friends but had just started seeing each other solo so for me, there were a lot of nervousness that got in the way of any sophisticated feminine wiles.

You see, Mr. Wonderful KNEW I was a klutz--it truly is a miracle that I can walk and talk at the same time--often, even that doesn't work out for me. (I'll never forget meeting one of my best friends, Rachel, at college--I knew we were perfect for each other when on the long walk to Chuck's, the dining hall, we walked into one another about 50 times and tripped over nothing at least twice a piece..but I digress).

I had made a mess out of, around and near him countless times--there was the first time I took my friends to his new apartment and told them in no uncertain terms to be VERY careful and I proceeded to spill an ENTIRE glass of orange juice all over his new couch, coffee table and floor. There was the time I dropped a whole chip's worth of salsa on his new shoes at church and the worst time of all occurred, of course, in a very public place.

It's actually one of my favorite pre-baby places to go--my beloved Barnes and Nobles. We would go there often on dates and sip mocha coffee (me) and tea (him). We would pick out tons of magazines and talk about anything and everything. Well on this occasion I grabbed a rather hefty stack of writer's journals, art magazines, and of course a glamour and cosmo... I was happily sipping my coffee when I decided to rearrange my magazines and accidentally (of course) knocked my entire cup of steaming hot mocha coffee all over his KHAKI pants, light colored shirt, my shirt, the whole, table, all the books and magazines, the floor...etc...

I was mortified....and so was he I'm sure (although he was far to nice to do anything except stare at me with his mouth hanging open for a bit). I'm sure he was thinking that I was a total nut job but luckily I was just foxy enough for him to decide it wasn't a big deal =-)

The rest of our date included the following activities:
*using a rain forest's worth of napkins to clean the mess
*the purchase of $50 of magazines which wiped my bank account clean
*me apologizing profusely and often
*me crying in front of him for the first time about the $50 magazines/books which were completely sopping wet with coffee
*walking around in public with coffee stained clothes
*going to do laundry since his clothes were completely chocolatemoacha-fied and since most of my clothes were too

It was horrible but I'm sure it's a date neither one of us will EVER forget.


charmed1 said...

Cute story Shelle! He knew he had a good thing - klutziness and all!

Brie said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I had Papa John's pizza before my first date with Pete. Papa Johns, as you may know, comes with DELICIOUS garlic sauce to dip your pizza in! A few Diet Cokes into the date and I was carbonated enough to belch a giant, garlicky, H-bomb of a burp right in his face. And he still wants to marry me!


Sarah said...

i have some memories like those....except josh was the one that spilled on me!

Megan & Company said...

Oh my! We were obviously meant to be friends. On our first date, I dumped an entire cup of lemonade on Al's pants. Good times. Good, sticky times.