Sunday, January 27, 2008

Do you ever just get ANNOYED?

So...the other day I went to a Doctor visit/consultation and happend to bring M with me because she is in love with her Mama, opposed to spending time with Daddy and a bit addicted to breastmilk...(there I said it--any men out there might want to stop reading at this point...ha!). So, I wheeled M into the consultation room and the nurse was admiring M, who at this point, started to cry--so I apologized that I brought a grumpy little baby but explained that I didn't want to leave her home as I am her source of food supply and Daddy was a bit nervous about being left alone with her. This nurse, who was VERY well meaning, surprised me by launching into a lecture about how I NEED to put my baby on the bottle because I NEED to have a life and to be able to go places without my child. And then she proceeded to tell me that people who use bottles love their children just as much as people who don't and that it will be good for both of us to get away from each other.

I was completely flabergasted. Seriously.

Now, I am not one to preach the virtues of any parenting path I choose--I do not feel it is my place to judge anyone's parenting decisions--

You want to co-sleep? Fine! I chose a crib this time but whatever works for your family is the best option!

You want to potty train from birth? Awesome. That means more diapers for a woman who was hard pressed to begin training at three and really would have liked to wait until four if I'm being honest.

You want to work out of the home while you have an infant? Cool. You know what works for your family! For my family, my staying home works.

You want to bottle feed? Great! I admit it's much more convenient to use a bottle in public instead of partially undressing to feed your child and I know that bottle feedin' Mama's love their children just the same as breast feedin' Mamas.

I would never tell someone that they MUST breastfeed and I couldn't believe that this lady thought she was doing me--a sily breastfeeding mother--a favor by telling me that I'm better off bottle feeding because she tried to b/f for 10 days and she realized it's not a good solution.

Anyways...I'll hop off my soapbox. I just wanted to say--that if ya'll make it to the end of the day with babies intact, in loving homes and everyone gets a kiss or two--well you know what, I think you're doing just fine as a Mama.



Risha said...

Well, I think you've read my blog enough to know how I feel about the subject! I cannot believe that! We did introduce a bottle (with breastmilk) to Isabelle at a few weeks old because I was starting to feel overwhelmed. However, now I don't have anough milk to have some stored up to give her a bottle. Isn't it crazy how some people feel the need to "coach" people on parenting as if they were experts or something? Furthermore, isn't great that God gives us the instincts we need to best care for our babies?

Megan & Company said...

Bwah. Better you than me. In three months Leah's never been away from me and we're just fine. As to her particular reasoning for bottle feeding, meh, Leah "NEEDS" the benefits of breastmilk and my breasts more than I "NEED" the benefit of me time. (Stressing LEAH AND I here. No need for projecting..) 'Nuff said.

My new favorite retort:

"Jesus was breastfed. He turned out fine. I imagine Mary never hid in a bathroom nor hauled a pump, either."

Sheri said...

OH dear! Yeah its one thing to share your opinion with someone who asks it of you, but its completely another to tell a compelte stranger how to do it.....I once had a lady
(complete stranger) tell me that I should talk to SaMmy more and maybe he'd talk!(afterall sh only had one child, but at 3 years old, her daughter was a genious....) She emphasized using big words. HA!!!! Anyone who knows me know that I talk,and the kid has been in speech therapy for almost a year- SERIOUSLY!

AND THE BREAST feeding thing.....coming from a mama who could barely get her kid to eat(and relied on Drs., concentrated formula OR breast milk, speech therapy,any bottle known to man, medicine, a lot of patience, and a ton of prayer) the first ENTIRE yeah of his life.....whatever works I say go with it..........shoot man, if Jon could have breast fed Sammy, I would have let him!!!! I was so beside myself with worry and frustration!:)

Some people just don't use the brain God gave them....they open their mouths too much!

charmed1 said...

Some people just don't know when to shut up! And anyways - who asked her for her opinion?!

Megan & Company said...

"if Jon could have breast fed Sammy, I would have let him!!!!"


This made me snicker. ;)

Emily said...

A NURSE of all people. Unbelievable. This would have been my response, "Oh, so you specialize in pediatrics?" I've found that his whole breast/bottle debate is almost as hot of a topic as abortion. Almost everyone has an opinion, and will fiercely debate it with ANYONE.
We need to come up with a polite way to say, "Im sorry, did I give you the impression that I was soliciting ignorant advice?"

Janet said...

Sorry that happened to you Michelle. And here you are working so hard to give Maeve the very best. Ugh. Some people!

Risha said...

I thought of you yesterday when I was at the pediatrician's office yesterday. The nurse (who is always very sweet) for the second time asked me when I was going to have my next baby (which I really didn't mind), but she also for the second time was really insistent that I need to try to get preggo when Isabelle is around 15 months so that they'll be "close in age." She just thinks this is the only way to do it! I didn't mind it as much as I would if she was saying something about nursing, but still...