Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: The High School Edition

I'm sure you can all think back to a time (or in my case, many times) where things just didn't go your way. It seems to me, that the things that stick most clearly in my mind are always those horrible moments that you just plain want to forget--it's all the good stuff that I have a difficult time remembering! Thus begins my new series: Awkward Moments Define My Life...Enjoy!

Installment 1 (a shorty but a goody):

During my high school years I was part of a travelling singing ensemble called Reflections. It was comprised of a group of girls (nearly all of them in the same grade as me) and met a few times a week for rehearsals and performed a few Sundays each month at area churches.

One of the "best" parts of being in ensemble was the super cool new outfits we were given to perform in (and when I say super cool I mean utterly horrendous even for 1995). Here is a picture of a similar dress--basically a maroon potato sack with long sleeves and the ultra-flattering t-length design...yikes.

The day after Mrs. Fuller, our director, had taken our measurements we had rehearsal. I was running a little late and got there after everyone else and when I entered the room my teacher was staring at me as if she were aghast--I figured this meant I was in trouble for being late--I can only wish that were the case... She continued to stare, eyes popping out of her head, mouth agape, until she proclaimed loudly and in front of all my peers--

"WHOA! Michelle! I better recheck your measurements--it looks like I should have ordered you a MUCH bigger size!"

This still evokes an internal CRINGE to this day...Fortunately no one commented on her outburst but I was mortified! Thanks Mrs. Fuller, public humiliation is always the gift that keeps on giving!


charmed1 said...

Sounds like Mrs.Fuller :)

sarah e. said...


...that's amazing. In a HORRENDOUS, train-wreck, sorta way. Wow. Would you *ever* say that to someone??!? And to especially to someone in highschool bc it is such a self-confident, non-impressionable time of our lives :)

...speaking of highschool, did you ever watch the TV show "My So Called Life"? I *loved* that show and was kinda ecstatic to find some episodes online at! Claire Danes will sympathize with your highschool trauma.... :)

Much love to my LOVELY and BEAUTY-FULL friend Michelle... !!

Brie said...

That's okay Michelle. Today Anna said to me, "Breezy, your boobs are big!", and before I could recover from that comment, she goes "But your butt is bigger." The worst part is that she said it in total sincerity!

On a completely unrelated note, I joined Weight Watchers today...

Megan & Company said...

Oh my. I have a good one from a few weeks back. We were visiting my parent's church at Thanksgiving and I had Leah in my arms. Leah was all of 6 weeks old. I'll admit. The "baby" weight has seemingly pulled up a comfy seat and decided to stick around for awhile.
I digress.

An older woman walked up and Janet and I were introducing ourselves. She turned to me and asked when I was due. No lie. There I am, feeling all fat, with my NEWBORN in my arms... "My goodness, when are YOU due???"

In her defense, she has some, um, "issues".

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I think I remember that- how horribly Maxine of her.