Saturday, January 19, 2008

Princess in Potty Training Tales Chapter 4: The Longest Yard

This Princess is wearing Barbie skates. Do you know why?
That's right my friends--after 5.5 grueling hours on the potty she finally went!
It all started when she woke up this morning with a mostly dry diaper. I set her on the potty at 9 a.m. and she watched some shows, ate breakfast, watched some more shows and by 11 I was starting to get agitated. I've never kept her on for more then a couple hours b/c I usually go somewhere every morning but today we hung tough at home. I was starting to get hungry and tired and a little annoyed at how content she was to sit and NOT go so I brought out the bribes--Barbie skates, princess clothes (a trunk full), skittles, stickers--you name it--it was out tempting her. After 4 hours I was really getting tired so I turned off the tv, took away all distractions/bribes, blankie and sat in front of her and told her you can do it!
we sang songs.
we prayed.
we did a dance.
we clapped.
we cried.
we read stories.
i tried scaring her.
i tickled her.
we laughed.
we hugged.
we cried.
we sang some more.
we prayed some more.
we talked some more and FINALLY
1/2 hours
she WENT!
A was thrilled she finally did it and was even more thrilled to have at those Barbie skates! We did it! Now...we just have to try to get it down to 5 seconds instead of 5 hours...wish me luck! Honestly, I'm just glad we've crossed this first hurdle!
Praise the Lord and pass the toilet paper!


charmed1 said...

Honey you are patient! Congrats on the getting over the hurdle. Just don't get too excited - there's more fun to come :)

Sheri said...

YEAH!!!! ITs a start!!!! Hang in there- it will be us in a year or so....arg.......

BluSkies80 said...

that's exciting! i'm sure that she'll be a pro real soon!