Monday, May 26, 2008

The "How Not To" Series Part 1: How Not To Bandage a Scraped Knee

Do not bandage a scraped knee(s) with gauze and scotch tape.
It just isn't the same as a band aid.
Even if you don't have a band aid in the entire house--there are no acceptable substitutions.
Just get in the car, drive to CVS and buy some new ones.

Note to parents: Buy Bandaids.
{In bulk if possible}


A Jersey Girl said...

Funny. I just bought a new box while buying sunscreen today as I too had to "make" a bandaid this week:)

P.S. I bought an extra box for the car:)

Ree said...

Shea needs a band-aid for everything! Ha!

Madre said...

poor lil lamb.....will she be ok? Those bandages are so looks like she won't ever walk again ;o)

Megan & Company said...

Poor Am!

Would you believe I have never needed or used a bandaid for Josh? He's never even seen one.

Of course, Now that I've typed that out loud, I fully expect a ginormous fall tomorrow and I'll be horribly unprepared.

charmed1 said...

Looks like a rough ordeal. I think my kids eat our band aids because I always get them at the store and when I go to use one they're gone!

Sheri said...

Oh Dear!!! SO SORRY, but this post made me laugh.....We have only a few, and have already skinned our knees, so I should head your advise!:) In fact I think i should take stock in Bandaid this summer:)