Friday, May 2, 2008

things that remind me of my grandmother in no particular order

black and white movies
folger's coffee
thrift stores
wind chimes
country music
weird meat products (lamb's tongue, liver...etc)
cigarette smoke
lawn mowers
false teeth
this poster:


Maren said...

I have a weird question for you. I love unique names, and I really love your daughter's names--or what I think they are. Problem is, every time I read your daughters' names in your blog I think, " I WONDER IF I AM PRONOUNCING THAT RIGHT?" So, how do you pronounce your daughters' names? I just wanted confirmation that they are as lovely as I'm pronouncing them. :) ha!

Shelly said...

amelie = ah-meh-lee
maeve = may-v
i hope that helps=)

Ree said...

To help with the above: Maeve rhymes with Dave (Shea would know, right Shel?!! LOL

On this post: Some of the things that remind you of your gram are also things that I have or use daily; Folger's (not instant-fresh brewed), country music, cig. smoke-unfortunately hubby & son #1 smoke, and hubby's ride-on lawnmower, which he just used yesterday! Very...Very...Interesting! LOL!!