Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Known Facts Continued: Splish Splash

So, I thought I would share another little known fact about Shelly.
It's a strange one
(which shouldn't be surprising at all if you really know me =-).
My dirty little secret is that I don't like getting wet.
At all.
I hate swimming
at the beach
in a lake
in a pond
in a pool.
(I think it all goes back to those forced gym class swims in middle school...urgh...public swimming and public showering all in one afternoon is too much for a pre-teen to take).
I hate water-amusement parks.
They scare me.
(I think it all goes back to the time I went down a tube/water slide backwards and upside down...)
I hate showers and getting out and having wet hair.
(I think it all goes back to taking showers and getting out with wet hair).
Don't worry. I really am clean as a whistle and bathe regularly even though I don't like wet hair or wet skin or wet anything.
And for the record, I prefer to take a bath.
In summation I do not like to get wet.
(Unless I'm getting wet outside while splashing in puddles with A. In that case I don't mind and rather enjoy getting wet. I know....I'm an enigma).
Just thought I'd share.


Ree said...

You are 'One Of a Kind'!! But that's why we LOVE ya!!
PS I checked out that walking site left by maren in your comments!
It's pretty cool!! I started a team--check it out here:

Ree said...

PSS You use ALL of your activity (they have a calculator to change it into steps to use: cooking, cleaning, walking, etc.!!