Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Known Facts: My Not So Secret, Secret Obsession

Hello. My Name is Michelle and I have an addiction.
I've tried to overcome but it's an intrinsic part of my makeup and just can't get past
my longing
my need
my desire
to match and coordinate colors perfectly on everything that surrounds me.
Maybe that's why I made such a good art teacher.
I'm desperately, madly, deeply in love with color and creating perfect color combinations.
The Evidence:
1. I'm the crazy kind of Mom who doesn't like to buy toys unless they "match" my color schemes.
2. I loathe bright primary colored toys.
I know. I've got a problem.
3. I make sure my daughters and I are dressed in the same color family (and sometimes even in exactly the same colored clothing)
4. At the very least both girls and I must all be wearing either clothing with warm colors OR cool colors.
5. Often I don't even plan for the "matching" to happen--it comes so naturally that I just can't help it.
6. My closet is organized by type of clothing and then by color going from Red to Purple and shades from White to Black.
7. I used to change my nose ring to match my shirt.
(I'm over that now)
8. Every time I put my infant seat in my stroller I twitch b/c the patterns don't exactly match.
I'm twitching just thinking about it.
9. Don't even get me started on matching furniture to drapes to bedding.
Seriously. Just don't. I could be here all night!
Well, that's enough evidence for now.
I just had to share my obsession so you can know just how to pray for me.
I've gotta go and make sure A wears pj's to bed that match her sheets.


Ree said...

I'm prayin'!!! LOL You are BAD!! LOL

charmed1 said...

And I thought I was bad! Hon,you've got me beat by a landslide! :)

Megan & Company said...

Wow! I must make you twitch. A lot. I rarely match. ;)

Julie said...

I'm a little like you in that I LOVE to dress my girls in matching stuff and I try to coordinate what I wear with what they're wearing...and I rid the babies' room off almost all primary colored toys because they didn't match the "theme" of their room. So I can relate to that!!
I'm not nearly as organized...but I try. I'm better at keeping others' stuff organized than my own.
I'll be happy to pray for you!

Ladienyte said...

Wow, you do sound like Jessica. *lol* Though yeah, you've definitely got her beat! ;)

I used to be wicked organized and particular (and OCD)... and then I had 3 children (and went back to work full time)... I just don't have the time or energy anymore. *lol* Sigh!