Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Rhymey Reader

Monday: So far away, I can barely recall--I think that we walked with the J.P.'s and it felt like Fall!
Tuesday: A trip to the park with all of our friends--i'm so thankful that we could see all of them!
Wednesday: Took a walk and stayed to play, M loves to swing like a big girl with A!
Thursday: Walked to church to visit S, we ate some pizza--the girls cried when we had to leave.
Friday: Dance Dance Dance the Morning Away! Dinner with S, Old Country Buffet! (I won't go there another day!)

Who knows, my friends, what the weekend will bring,
I'm so happy that S will be home I could sing!
(And everyday with him brings good things).


Ree said...

Great week--especially our walk/play on Tuesday!!

Madre said...

What a joy to read your rhymes
as you give thanks time after time.