Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Because I think it's important.

I never thought when typing two links into my blog that I'd get so much feedback as I did regarding the use of hormonal contraception. I just jotted the links and thought I'd share why I personally don't use the pill. I know many people don't agree with me but I think it's good for people to thoroughly examine their beliefs. My personal belief is that life begins at conception and for me, using hormonal b.c. conflicts with that belief. Here's a quick outline of the three ways in which the pill works:

How Hormonal Methods Work
All hormonal contraceptives have at least three mechanisms of action. Artificial female hormones are the active ingredient in all hormonal contraceptives — estrogen and progestin. Some products contain both hormones and others progestin only. Using both hormones together is somewhat more effective than progestin alone, but the estrogen component is responsible for most of the serious health hazards associated with hormonal methods.

1. Hormonal contraceptives prevent
ovulation. No egg is released so sperm cannot fertilize it. It is widely agreed that this is a major mechanism of hormonal birth control.
A woman may ovulate anyway.

2. Hormonal contraceptives may also prevent fertilization by changing the consistency of natural secretions in the vagina, making it harder for the sperm to reach the egg. It is not clear how effective this mechanism is in preventing fertilization.

3. A woman may ovulate anyway, and sperm may still reach the egg, resulting in fertilization. When this occurs, hormonal contraceptives make it difficult for the embryo to implant in the uterus by keeping the edometrium (lining of the uterus) thinned. This results in the death and expulsion of the embryo. Most scientists agree this occurs, but it is not clear how often. Some doctors do not prescribe hormonal contraceptives because they find this mechanism objectionable. (more info here)

--> So, to sum up--b.c. doesn't necessarily or always have abortive effects--more often than not ovulation or conception are prevented by the pill but sometimes when the first two steps fail the third fail safe of b.c. is to prevent implantation of the embryo after which the body gets rid of it. It took losing two babies for me personally to realize just how strongly I believe in fighting for the life of a baby at all costs--including the cost of inconvenient (and annoying) non-hormonal b.c. is (for me). And that my friends, is all.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the bc issue. However, I wanted to share something I recently found out. The national organization of OBGYNs (I don't remember if it was ACOG or ABOG) used to define conception as fertilization. They changed that definition (in the 80's, I think). Now, conception is defined as implantation. It may seem like splitting hairs but unfortunately that is often the nature of this debate. Just thought I'd share so you can effectively make your point to anyone who takes the splitting hairs route.

I am sorry to hear that you lost 2 babies. I hope you somehow find comfort in knowing Jesus will rock them to sleep every night for all of eternity.

Melody said...

I feel the same you do about birth control pills. I used them for the first year we were married, but quickly decided I just didn't feel comfortable with that decision. I guess some would consider it a bit of a grey area, but I felt that I needed to be consistent in my beliefs. A life is a life, and I like you, believe that like begins at conception. There are definitely other methods that one can use that are plenty effective. We've been married 8 years and using "other" methods, and have 2 children, both planned : )

charmed1 said...

Still not going to touch this one. You know what a big mouth I have :)

Anna M. said...

somewhere, in my twisted journey through Wesleyan theology and empowered feminist thought, i got the idea that life began when a woman decided to be a mother.

since eve brought sin in to the world with her decision in the garden, so mary brought salvation to the world through her decision. The fact that God gave Mary a choice about her role in history indicates God's respect for our choices as mothers and non-mothers.

Alena said...

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