Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rambling Randomness Thursday Edition

* My favorite show of all time is Gilmore Girls...
I was sad when it went off the air.
I miss it.
I wanted a daughter so I could be cool like Lorelei.
I went and had two daughters though so that makes me twice as cool....right?
*Lorelei is a cool name. Which brings me to my next random thought...
I have two really good baby names that I'd like to use--anyone out there interested in surrogacy?
Moving on...
*This is my best friend.
I get to see her Monday--can I hear a woot woot!?

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?

* We are probably such excellent friends because we share the same middle name, were home schooled, and have a mutual passion for Mario and big sun glasses.

See what I mean?* The other day I blogged about never having eaten a twinkie. I've also never eaten: sweet potatoes, marshmallow fluff, watermelon (or any melon), ranch dressing, any seafood, raw tomatoes

*Tomorrow is Rosebud's big dance recital and I can hardly wait!

That is all. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Ree said...

OK the twinkiw I can live without but ALL the others...NEVER!!
~I love sweet patatters!!! They even make them mashed like regular spuds!! Those are good, too!! I am the only one in my household who likes 'em though!!
~Marshmallow fluff is a tasty treat..though not too is good with some PB as a sandwich..ever here of a "FLUFF-A-NUTTER"? Have to be in the mood for them!
~Watwrmelon & raw tomatoes are definitely a SUMMER thing!! I craved and ate LOTS of raw tomatoes while pregnant with Shea. I like other melons also: canteloupe & honeydew!
~Seafood is "THE BOMB" as the youngsters would say!! I love many kinds of fish along with shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels & lobster. I don't eat too much lobster or crabs, though. Obviously, lobster is a bit pricey and unless I buy it in lump form you won't see me cracking open a crab any time soon!! I think it goes back to those summers when I was a kid and dad went crabbing like all summer. We had ( and cracked open) many crabs!! I am plum cracked out!!
~Lastly ranch dressing...not much into it although it is awesome for a dip with baby carrots!! That's the only time I eat it!!
You gotta try, at least, one of them!!

Ree said...

Oh..and goodluck Rosebud!! Make sure ya video it!!

BluSkies80 said...

*gilmore girls-why didn't you tell me this, we could have been watching them together. i've already said that if we have another daughter her name will be lorelei but we'd call her rory=) i think it's such a pretty name.
*you've never had fluff? (aiden would say-fuff) it's yummy especially with PB, try it sometime.
*i thought the show was last fri. i was wondering why there were no posts w/ pics from it, now i know=) that's so exciting!

Emily said...

What, what? You've never eaten a tomato?

Megan & Company said...

"Mario". Mario Lopez?? Dork!


Sarah said...

no, you're the cutest thing i've ever seen! we should get a pic of us wearing our big glasses :) ah, i wish Monday was tomorrow :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!
My name is Jen and I stumbled on your blog via Megan's blog via Nate's blog. I enjoy reading your blog...the girls are adorable.

Just one question: what else in the world do you eat??


Sheri said...

Seriously you have never tried any of those foods? Why? Are you like my Sammy:)!!??? ha ha.....

charmed1 said...

Woman! Have you lived a sheltered life or what? You've never tried any of that stuff?! Wow!

Never watched Gilmore Girls but I feel your pain for the show being canceled. I felt the same way when they canceled Charmed. I cried when I saw the last episode :(