Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amelie Says

Upon watching *Wipeout* with Amelie and Mr. Wonderful the other night I was having an hysterical laughter fit. You know the kind--brought on by the fact that I'm pregnant and unable to really control my emotions--the things that would normally make me chuckle cause me to laugh uncontrollably.
So, as I was laughing and weeping with laughter Amelie looked at Mr. W very seriously and asked:
"Why is Mommy crying?"
and then to me,
"Mommy! Why are you crying? Is it because you're sad that you're having a boy?!"
HA! Oh my! That just about killed me I started laughing so hard. I'm not sure where she got that idea as I've never been anything but thrilled about Wonder Baby's Boy status. It sure was funny though!


JerseyGranny said...

She is sooooo precious!

Sheri said...

HA! Thats funny! Maybe SHE is "sad" she is having a brother.... ha crack me UP!

Julie said...

I laughed out loud and so hard that I started crying. That's hilarious!

Jessica said...

Love it!!!