Sunday, July 19, 2009

He Shall *Not* Be Called:

Mr. Wonderful and I had narrowed down our name choices to a select few and recently decided to nix all but one.

((All of our names had two syllables (because amelie has 3 and maeve has 1 I wanted a boy name with 2--i know, it's just a *me* thing). I also favored names that were vowel heavy--as they sounded better with my daughter's unusual names. ))

Deacon: off the list because, it just doesn't go with the middle name I want our baby to have. (Deacon Steven--too rhymey/formal sounding)
Grayson: off the list because, I found this baby name web site where people wrote in/answered survey questions about their own names. (like--do people mispell your name? mispronounce it? etc). One of the questions was--do people make fun of your name? And resoundingly--boy after boy wrote in about how people call them Gay or Gayson instead of Grayson. I told my husband and it kind of ruined this name for us b/c I hate to knowingly choose a name my son might get made fun of for! I *know* kids can make fun of basically anything but seriously--let's not make it too easy for them!

The name we picked?
It's Hebrew.
Means: Help or Aid.

And one of my guessers did correctly pick our name!


A Repletion of Reverie said...


Julie said...

I KNEW IT! Extra Special Wonderful. What a great name. Good pick! (LOL!)

And yes, kids will find ways to make fun of just about ANY name. The key is to at least make it a bit of a challenge.

Devin said...

I'm going with Ezra! I love it. :-)