Saturday, July 25, 2009


* has numb fingers from all of the power listing i've been doing on ebay of little girl clothes. go take a look and spend lots of money on my cute stuff (seller id: michellerose630) tee hee ! =)
* is very excited about some possibilities that have just come up--we'll know whether they'll come to fruition in the next month...but i'm having a hard time sleeping b/c i can't stop thinking/praying about it all!
* is having a hard time sleeping! oh the joy of pregnancy!
* has to do my glucose screen still--do you think they'll notice if i skip it? =)
*doesn't get to see her friends enough during the summer! we do well on our own but miss our little circle.
* is itching to get home to NY before i become to pregnant, which, let's face it--is already upon me! ack! the third trimester!
* looks hott in her new maternity dress. i look hot in anything now-a-days, motherhood really turns up the internal heating system!!
* has some stinkin' cute kids and can't wait to see what the next one looks like.
* has an awesome husband!!
* just found a new consignment shop in H. Heights--excellent prices, friendly lady-owner, gymboree in stock--SCORE!

ttfn =)


Amy said...

Oh how I can't wait to see how cute baby Weber is either and I def. understand about the not sleeping thing. Most nights have become restless and uncomfortable to say the least.

JerseyGranny said...

Prayin' so hard, it hurts!

SarahV said...

ah, the glucose test. my office was "nice" enough to let me sit in the waiting room to take it. that way, i was able to gag and pinch my nose in front of all the people sitting out there. geez. but i did get to read all the new mags. pros and cons.

megan said...

Could you tell where the Heights consignment shop is located? I have some gymboree clothes I would like to sell, and to be honest, buy as well :)

Shelly said...

megan--the store is on station avenue in "downtown" heights =) it's on the same block as the ice cream shop and next door to the new chinese place, i think =) if you hit the post office you've gone too far =)