Saturday, July 11, 2009

Etsy: Handmade Boy Cuteness

Isn't this little handmade set I found on Etsy tdf?
There is hope for cute boy stuff!!
I'm starting on my must-have-boy-stuff list and I'm happy to report that I don't *need* much and I can't wait to start checking items off!
Oh, and I think I've decided on a name...but you're probably not going to like it =)
*tee hee*
Off to look up fabric appliques! Woot!


A Repletion of Reverie said...

Don't worry Michelle. If I don't like the name, I'll just call him something else :D

Devin said...

Love the little shirt--I love Etsy too!

Whatever name you choose is the perfect one, you know. :-)

Pamela said...

so what's his name?

Madre said...

Love the handmade boy things - great colors too!

Julie said...

It doesn't matter if WE like his name, does it? I've heard names before that I thought for sure I just wouldn't grow to love, and now I can't imagine those kids with any name other than the ones they have!!!

LOVE the t-shirt with the tie - too cute!

Sheri said...

SO WHATS THE NAME!? and how much does that cute outfit cost:)!!!???