Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Good *Mail* Day

I love a good mail day! Don't you?
I've had a few good mail days lately (Fridays are always good b/c I get my favorite magazines--yes--sometimes it IS the little things =).
But today--today was special.
(As if the extra blessing of warmth and SUNSHINE outside wasn't enough!!)
I recieved a letter from a very dear, elderly great-aunt. I regularly correspond with her send her pictures and updates. Honestly--I've only met her a few times in my life--but she filled my childhood with the most loving correspondence that I've stuck to writing her. She is the most dear woman--recovering still from a broken heart after the loss of her husband of 50+ years and going through health, memory problems of her own. I wept as she apologized for her memory loss and inability to send cards like she used to. She has been such a blessing in my life--I pray that I can bless others the same way. She closed her letter with a call for prayer-((oh Lord, please give Aunt Ellen peace and joy and keep her so tightly wrapped in your loving arms that she can't help but feel them. Amen.))
I know--that was a *hard* one--but it's the REAL emotions in life that are the most valuable--don't you think? The hard times especially teach us so much. Anyways...speaking of blessings--on the bottom of my mail pile was an unexpected box! I was excited to open it and inside I found:
The most beautiful handmade blanket for Ezra! You see, I graduated with a girl from Cedarville (well, I guess we're more like women now than girls now =)), who makes beautiful baby blankets for sale. I won a blanket through a giveaway on her facebook page a while back and related to her that Maeve had taken over that blanket. So she sent one for Ezra. What a sweet and unexpectedly delightful surprise! Thank you Naomi for being so kind and sweet--my heart feels so full right now! Thank you! Want to see her beautiful blankets? Check out her website here!
And, I know I don't say it enough--but thank you to ALL of you for being so kind and for taking a few moments to read my blurbs. I've give ya'll a great big hug if I could. 
Happy Saturday!

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Madre said...

So glad you had a good mail day (they are few and far between). I will also pray for dear Aunt Ellen - she truly is a blessing and we need to ask the Lord to smile upon her and encourage her.
I love you - (the new blanket is very cute!)