Monday, March 29, 2010


*believes that warm cupcakes with chocolate icing are the surest defense against rainy days and mondays.

*is thankful that her daughters have each makes me feel like they will always have at least one deep friendship in their lives. and is thinking of my best friends today--past and present and what a joy and depth they have added to my life.

*speaking of glad I found *mymrwonderful* and that he fits the (albeit selfish) bill; "Give me one friend, just one, who meets The needs of all my varying moods." ~ Esther M. Clark

*wants to go outside and plant grass seed as our backyard is *nearly* ready to be planted!

*hasn't yet convinced her husband that we NEED to order a swingset rightnow!!!

*thinks her children are perfect just the way they are (no matter how they are different from others or each other)

*wishes her husband was home so I could put these cold hands on him.

*loves that w/coupons, sales and drugstores I can now afford to buy tide which smells heavenly. ah. it truly is the little things. my clothes smell so yummy you *almost* can't pick up the faint aroma of baby barf. almost.....=)

*isn't sure how to love some people. at all. but by golly I'm going to keep trying! (does the Bible say you have to *like* everyone? I haven't found it in there...=)

*mmmbaked chicken, creamcheesechedder mashed potatos, green beans, stuffing, cheesecake and strawberries for desert.

*hears Beacon singing *jinglebells* must be nap time is over!

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Sheri said...

Oh My I stopped at the swing set because I had to comment before i have to leave......I had to pester, beg, pleed, JOn for months on end ( I started at Christmas:)) before he finally caved ( with $$ from grandparents) and "let me" get the boys a swing set....and then he faithfully ( with only a little complaining ) put it together! MEN!!!??? I think Jon's biggest problem is that we aren't planning on living here for forever, but, WHATEVER, he has NO IDEA how BADLY I , I mean WE, needed it!!!:)