Wednesday, March 31, 2010

*hot water*

imagine my surprise
when i hopped in
eyes closed
water. cold.
ACK! EEK! GaSp! WOWza!

((an inconvenient truth
to find out at any time))

i walked 'round to investigate
a sink here a sink there
not hot water anywhere

noooooooooo i wailed and moaned and cried
the one day they are all asleep
and i had 30 minutes alone
to take
a shower!

text text text my husband
problemo! warning! help!
no. answer.

quietly he found some help
we set it right
that very night
a penny saved is a penny spent
but hot water is a necessity
(so i'll have to live with it)

sometimes things end unexpectedly
and it's upsetting
and expen$ive
but it makes you
more thankful for
granny's (who watch)
friends (who work)
and water (that's hot)

the end.

1 comment:

Julie said...

See, you've been saving all that money because God knew you'd need it. It's pretty cool how He works that stuff out.

(Although it's never fun to have to spend the money on *boring* stuff like hot water heaters)