Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Week...PlayDoh Face

This week flew by!!
It was warm and there was sun
and then it was cold and there wasn't.
There was pre-k, and parks, dance class and Granny-visits, Bible study and coffee with friends.
There was an ah-mazing deal, which involved dvds on, ironically, our tv-free week.
There were some excellent (2 hour) naps for me and three hour naps for *them.*
And then there was last night, with the waking baby every hour which was a rude awakening to the nervous system. I feel that it was probably my fault for interrupting every nap the little guy took yesterday....lesson learned.
And today there will be friend stuff and family stuff and cleaning stuff and eating stuff and heating stuff (can't believe it's so cold my heat is kicking on again. blarg).
And I am thankful for each moment we've been given.
What a blessing to have blog space devoted to the little joys of each day. To be healthy and surrounded by love and family and friends.
To have Bibles to study and homes to heat. To have three precious children and any small amount of sleep.
I pray my friends the same kind of week for you-
-where the little things add up to a big heap of blessings.
Also, since I *can't* leave you without a picture...I must leave you with the only one I haven't posted from this week.
Prepare yourself.
Tv-free week = hours of crafting and playing and creating.


Happy Weekend!

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