Monday, March 8, 2010

This And That

*I'm loving this springy weather--Bring. It. !!!
*We went for our first family walk of the year tonight--only now Amelie is big enough to follow us on her bike--it's a huge milestone!
*Ezra had his first haircut today--most of his faux-hawk baby hair had fallen out and there were just a few odd sprigs left that I evened up with the rest of his *hair* He looks handsome =-) He's such a funny little guy--I"m so thankful that he's continued to be on a schedule (for at least two months now) and that he can belly laugh--so. much. love.
*E-boy is getting soooooo big! I'm back to the eternal dilemma of--what clothes do you buy boys that are cute? He doesn't have any warm weather stuff--I'm going to have to check out Target and H&M to see what's good.
*Maeve and Amelie both came down with ear infections over the weekend. It was a little horrible--they are both doing much better now though and  I'm praying that E-boy doesn't catch their cold!!
*Do you ever feel like no matter how many people are around that you can still be lonely?That no matter how hard you work to keep up with the house there is always something undone? It's the human condition I suppose. I'm so thankful for the flood of blessings in my life but feel a little lost and overwhelmed at times. Just bein' real here.
*I really love coupons. Have you started saving yet? I hope a few of you have caught the coupon clipping bug--seriously, it's changed my life. It's so fun for me--and such a huge blessing to save so much with so little effort. And if you haven't caught the coupon bug--don't worry--I still love you. It took me a while to come around too =) Jesus died for us all--the couponers and the non so who am I to judge. HA!
*Amelie just said to me, "God just gave me a miracle idea! Let's eat cupcakes!" Who am I to argue with that?! tee hee!
*Maeve also just said, "Growwwwwwllllllll."
Amen. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow friends!


SarahV said...

cute boy winter gear = hoodies. target always has cute ones and i'm sure h&m might too. asher has 3 and judah has 6 :) i'm a little obsessed! and you know how i feel about ones w/ bones on them :)

JerseyGranny said...

I want to come fix your feeling lost and overwhelmed. Prayers always for you but if you ever need anything...