Friday, March 19, 2010

My Ezra

This handsome little guy:
1. is finally over his wheezing cold of death
2. had his 4 month check up
3. was referred to as "she" by the nurse.
4. again.
5. apparently it's the "a" at the end of his name
((6. more people need to read the Bible and poetry))
7. rec. 4 shots and 1 rotavirus drinkable vaccine (weird)
8. weighs 15 lbs 14 ounces (50%)
9. 25 inches tall (50%)
10. has one gigantic head (75%)
11. is a precious little thumb sucka
12. is completely in love with Mommy (and Daddy, as long as he's only looking at Daddy and not being held by him =)
13. has two sweet and loving sisters who love to hold him and sing to him
14. will be rocking one seriously awesome pair of skull board shorts from gymboree this summer =)


JerseyGranny said...

Praise God for #1! Think I'll get him a t-shirt to wear to the drs. office that says 100% BOY! Maybe that will help?

Breezy said...

To borrow your format:

1. Haven't even the heathens at least heard of Better Then Ezra?? I mean, really.

2. I guess he outgew the 100% boy outfit I got him, eh? Bummer.

3. He really is the cutest 3-weeks-older-then-my-baby baby ever! ;-)

4. PJ has those shorts too!!! Can we do something summery this summer and get a picture of them together??

5. Glad things are looking up! ;-)

Micayla said...

1. Now weighs more than his 9-months-older-than-he-is cousin

Julie said...

YAY for a good check-up! BOO for the nurse calling him "she"!

It's not like you named him 'Shannon' or 'Lindsay' or 'Jaime' where it could be an either/or kind of thing. Who names their daughter Ezra? Weird. (Well, then again, I wouldn't name my son a name that could be an either/or name, but many people do that, so who am I to say someone wouldn't name a girl Ezra, right?)

Either way, glad he's better and can't wait to see some summery pics of him in his new shorts!