Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Boy And His First Haircut!!

Ezra's hair has been bothering me like woah....
It bothered me so much I even made a video about it:
(based on actual events. no babies were harmed in the events that led to the production of the video...)
So yeah...the haircut pretty much HAD to happen. I did really well trimming the top but then the sides...were so hard...and there was so much moving...awful. Just AWFUL!
Anyways! The haircut place was super cute and the lady was awesome--so fast and friendly! She did a great job! We love his big boy hairdo!!!

 My handsome guys!


Devin said...

"It's pretty Major. And in a bad way."


I watched the video three times. I laughed louder each time I watched it!

I'm so going to have to do that.

BTW--I thought little E man couldn't get much cuter--guess I was wrong! Love the new 'do!!


BluSkies80 said...

Oh my word...can't believe that he got a real haircut! It looks adorable...I just find it funny that he actually needed one=)

Madre said...

Awwwww - he is SO cute! Such a big boy!