Thursday, September 23, 2010


My handsome little guy has been getting up regularly at 4:45 for the last week or more. 
Hate it.
He's actually very happy and good and has kept the same routine just the super early wake time is torturous!
Stinkin' teething!
(Not sure that's the culprit but totally going to blame it)
 So this morning when he woke up at the usual time I let him talk/whine to himself for a while...
went in and gave him a hug
laid him back down and put the pillow over my ears so I couldn't hear him.
He didn't scream or cry really--just a little whiny for a while...
And then, he feel back asleep
and woke up at a humane hour.
Ezra, we LOVE! Let's keep it up! =)


Emily said...

Alex has been doing the same thing! 4 am something, I'd been just getting up with her (UGH) but nursing and putting her back down, and or rocking and putting her back down = some whining but then = back to sleep, just like E boy! YES.
CUUUUUTE haircut, btw.

Sheri said...

awwwwwwwwww- B wakes up before 5:30 EVERY STINKING DAY! and on the rare occasion he doesn't, sam does and wakes him up- torturous is an understatement, and I am a morning person? Hopefully its just the teeth and not his personality:)I think its B's personality......argggggggg:)