Friday, September 24, 2010

Today. Yesterday. Last Night. This Afternoon. Tonight. But Not In That Order...

Ezra developed a little fever on Thursday...
and was a little clingy but no other symptoms...
Thursday night he woke up and I touched his forehead.
I felt like someone punched me in the gut.
THAT is how hot he was.
Burning up. 
I took him for a middle of the night bath and gave him some tylenol and rocked him back to sleep.
He's been fine today but still has a fever and no other symptoms.
I hate baby sickness.
Could you say a prayer that he's feeling better soon?
My Mom arrived last night to attend Grandparents day at school with Amelie!
Amelie has been in Granny Heaven all day and had a wonderful time with her!
The school sets up the cutest concert ever, an amazing carnival, a huge spread of food and keepsake crafts!
There were hotdogs and popcorn, cotton candy, soft pretzels...
They got their picture taken and made keepsake pillows with the picture, another framed picture, balloon animals, magic show, sand art--the works!
The school did an amazing job!! What a super special day! 
I'm so glad that my Mom sacrificed so much to be a blessing to Amelie (and me). 
We love you Mom! 
Thank you for making the special trip down for this day! It means sooooo much!
That's it.
Today. In a nutshell.
Except I forgot to mention the applesauce.
My Dad sent down a HUGE garbage bag full of apples from NY.
My Mom and Amelie made a gigantic batch of applesauce and some apple crisp.
Yum. O.
Tomorrow we're getting the kiddos picture taken.
I'm sure it will be interesting.
Good night!