Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Monday

The littles and I had a happy little Monday!
We got to enjoy the extra early part of the morning 
(thanks to Ezra and his 5 am wake up call) 
since morning nap was ALREADY over by 8:30....
We ran some errands and went to my new favorite baby friendly/mulch free park
(Ezra + mulch = lunch. Gross!!)
and visited Mr. Wonderful
and came home for a yummy lunch and outside playtime.
The weather is PERFECT!!
I love this time of year! 
It always reminds me of home when the weather is sunny and cool/warm but not cold/hot. 
I just finished packing up my Ebay sellings
(cha ching)
and bagging up some of my free stuff for donation and family members!
The windows are open and I'm about to find some yummy kind of snack and relax with my precious husband and a great big stack of free magazines. 
Happy Day!

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