Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sometimes and Saturday

What a lightning fast weekend this has been so far!
Amelie was off at a sleepover and the house was sooo quiet without her! 
(Mostly because Maeve and Ezra don't have too much to say yet =)
We enjoyed a trip to the pool and a visit from our favorite Amish friends
and various weekend odds and ends.
I'm so thankful the weather is cooler--it's glorious. 
Love Love Love it!
Also, it makes me incredibly homesick.
Upstate NY is rarely hot like it's been this summer and every time I get a taste of cool weather I can't help but think of home.
I'm totally dying because I haven't been home all year. 
Not once.
At. all.
It's mostly my fault--I'm overwhelmed at the prospect of traveling with the many small children.
Also the fact that I prefer my hermitage most of the time.
We've seen my parents a lot but it isn't quite the same as actually getting home and 
soaking in the sounds
the sights 
(trees, fields, grass, wildlife)
and taking a nap on the grass.
There is nothing like being home.
Sometimes waking up in NJ feels like suffocating.
Too many cars
everywhere around me.
It's home here now but I am never at rest and it is always difficult for me to be content even though I have more than everything I need.
I miss the fields.
My family.
The big blue sky and all the stars.
The trails in the woods and the hidden meadows.
The pond and the crickets.
The memories.
The wide open spaces.
I miss it all so much it hurts to breathe. 
I hate to end there.
I have an overflowing cup of things to be thankful for.
But always always always in my heart is a longing for my country home. 
Even though, honestly, nowhere will EVER really be home to me without my Mr. Wonderful.
So really, I am truly home with him, even if my eyes don't believe it.


Madre said... always waiting. Bringing up your beautiful babies never just FRANTICALLY flies by. I am so thankful for all that the Lord is doing in your life. I will ALWAYS wish you lived closer, but I praise God that you are in a good place with people who love and care for you. Stay strong my beautiful daughter. I love you. madre xoxox

Devin said...

What a sweet comment from you Mom...*sniff* I understand this is a backwards sort of way. Love to you my friend.