Sunday, September 26, 2010

In The Peaceful Hours I Type My Thoughts Away

Today my husband and I watched our neighbor with interest.
He spent *hours* hand fashioning a coffin for the Halloween display in front of their house.
We wracked our brains trying to remember the last time we had the luxury of "hours" to do anything!
We couldn't remember. =)
Oh well.
I have sooooo many house projects I want to get working on but when we have the "time" that leaves one person doing the work and one person watching the babies (which also counts as work =). It's such a busy season in our lives! 
It's a good one but boy--is my list getting longggg! =)
I bought some Amy Butler fabric on Ebay the other day to make curtains for the toy room (which is actually a formal dining room but probably won't be used as one as long as we live here =).
I'm going to repaint too (since the color I painted when we moved in actually ended up only being 1/2 shade darker than the shade that was already there. GAH!).
We also want to paint all of the woodwork (built in bookcases, molding, molding, molding, doors) too.
Big project.
Here's the curtain fabric:
Anyways...I just got the babies to bed (while the big girl is at CHRISTMAS concert practice) and now I have "free time" that I can use to do laundry and dishes! WOOOO HOOOO =)
Tee hee!
I'm thankful though! 
For all of the busy-ness and work and stuff of life.
I'm thankful for my children and the opportunity to be busy taking care of them.
I'm thankful for my husband and love being his wife and cooking him meals and doing his laundry.
I'm thankful for our home and the chance to scrub my own floors and my own bathroom and our dirty dishes and dirty laundry.
God has been good to us!
Good night!


Tyrone & Bailey said...

I mostly just lurk around here...but had to say thank you for the reminder to be thankful. I really needed it and have tears in my eyes...when my days seem long and the chores seem endless, and the kids won't listen and I'm missing my (deployed) husband, it's easy to get complain-y. I have so much to be thankful and joyful for and about. Thank you!

Melody said...

Ditto, to everything you said! It's almost like we're living the same life....HA!