Monday, January 30, 2012

It always seems a whirlwind when my husband is away working a lot and I am home with my precious ones. They are always good and a lot of fun but it wears. me. out. to be the one that is *on* all day. They really do keep me laughing though--so thankful for my children!
Anyways--a few tidbits from today--
*I read this article and it was the singly most convicting, discouraging, encouraging thing I've ever read. Oh, and for an example of column A, I just need to look in the mirror, To a T. I'm such a works-based-perfectionist it makes me sick. I need to make more room for grace and MUCH less room for pride in my heart. 
* I've decided to structure our days a little more...again...I decide this frequently and fall off the wagon. Let's see if it sticks this time--Maeve and I are going to work though this easy-peasey-fun curriculum . I think Ezra will enjoy many of these activities too--it will be fun and different. Maybe I'll take pictures. =)
* Downton Abbey last night?! Can't even talk about it. The show is beautiful--if you aren't watching you should--so much emotion--so little said--seriously---LOVE. Watch it here. 
*My husband has just gotten home and helped me tuck the wee ones in bed so I'm going to hop off. Phew, just a few more days of madness till he's back home again at night!!!


Madre said...

I am so proud of you....May the Lord fill your heart with joy and strengthen you as you lovingly lead and guide your children. Grace....freely given and received. How we all need Grace! Love you, madre xox

Pamela said...

I haven't seen yesterday's Downton, so I'm glad you didn't talk about it. THANK YOU. And I get the husband away thing. It is hard and nutty, and not in a tasty way.
Hang in there.

Robyn said...

Hey Michelle,
Did you buy the whole curriculum or are you just printing things off as you want to? I'd like to get a bit more organized with cooper and brynn-it's easy to let the days just go by!

Shelly said...

Robyn--I downloaded a lot of freebies yesterday and found this link where I plan to purchase her inexpensive curriculum--only $10! =) She has a prek and k4 set. I think the prek will be too easy for Maeve so we are going to start the k4
Here is the link!