Monday, January 9, 2012


My poor Ezra boy, although he's been feeling better, has not been himself. He's on steroids to improve his breathing/decrease asthma symptoms and he has been 
off. the. wall. 
5 days of INSANITY! =) 
The first day was the worst--he just kept running around screaming/crying/hanging on me--it was sooo sad! 
He was CRAZY! He progressively got better each day but is still VERY emotional--like a little baby manic-depressive. I'm so happy today is his last day of steroids! Hopefully he'll be more himself once they wear off. Poor guy! The other day he was playing with his blocks and everything was so tragic--I had to take pictures. 
To sum it up:

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Tribe Mama said...

When my third born, also a son, was two he was really, really sick and was on a bunch of steroids and like your guy it was terrible. One night his fever spiked again and he was retracting and as per his ped we rushed to the ER and while he was being admitted he was SCREAMING at me not to look at him or touch him as they loaded him on even more steroids! The looks I got from other patients were incredible, and I felt so bad for him and his sad, sick rage. Later that night when he was in bed and they had an IV hydrating him he wet through his pull up and flew into a rage again yelling at me that his bed and jammies were wet. Thankfully the nurses on the ped floor had seen this a 1000 times before and laughed with me about the effects of "dragon juice" on the little ones. Hang in there and hope he feels better soon, those steroids are a nightmare but they work :)