Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Week...

Our backyard was invaded by hundreds of scary screeching black birds:
I found a recipe for homemade Thin Mints (baking now--woot!)
Worked furiously to catch up on our Bible study--
Decided I'm going to save up my Christmas gift cards (even though they are burning a hole in my pocket!!!) and combine it with my birthday coming up in a few weeks to get one of these:
 We've also had playdates that I forgot to take pictures of....=)
And celebrated Maeve's last day of preschool for the semester--and especially celebrated not having to drag Ezra up and down 10 flights up steps kicking and screaming twice a week to get her there. 
Woot. =)
Happy Thursday!

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Mama Bender said...

I love he iPad! Hubby got me one for Christmas since he got to do a ridiculously expensive fishing derby :0) it will be worth the burnt hole in your pocket!