Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My husband has been extremely (x 1,000,000) busy lately and so I've been a terrible blogger. He was out a few nights last week and THE ENTIRE LONG WEEKEND. 
It was stupid. 
I love him so much and am so thankful that he is such a hard worker AND that he has lots of extra work but it was killing me that we couldn't enjoy the long weekend together! 
Thankfully, the kids were extremely well behaved. 
I was not. =) 
I'm so whiny. 
I'll have a chance to practice my not-whining this week when he's out working late again. 
Bah. Humbug! =)
In other news, I took the littles to Fridays yesterday because I NEEDED TO GET OUT. My long-suffering friend and her boy joined us and the kiddos surprised me by being perfect. It was a much needed time out and made the rest of the extremely longggggg day easier. We also went to Target on a gift-card-shopping spree. The kids made out better than me because the toys were 70% off. I got a pair of socks. 
It seemed exciting at the time. =)
So....life will be crazy the next few weeks with my husband's new show coming up and I will try my best to stay level-headed and happy and thankful.


Madre said...

So sorry you are having the lonnnng alone time with your wonderful husband away working. WISH wish WISH we lived closer so we could be together and help make the time pass quicker. We love you and pray for you and Stevenson as he is traveling, working extra hours and missing his beautiful wife and family. Hang in there! love, madre xox

Madre said...

Do you remember Zack our Sheltie? He would have barked and chased all those birds and maybe even the evil squirrels away. Maybe a sheltie should be your next dog!