Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playing Catch Up

On Christmas the kids caught another cold and so we were down and out most of last week and this week. And of course, because they are so thoughtful, they shared it with me! =) I ended up with just a mild case of the sniffles and a raging ear infection. Woot. I'm all medicated and feeling better now but Ezra's cold was just not letting go so he had to go in to the Doctors yesterday. He ended up with ear infection/sinus infection, and wheezy little asthma lungs. So he's on antibiotics and TWO kinds of steroids. Wow. Can you say *BABY 'Roid Rage?!* =) Oh well, so glad he's in good spirits though! In order to get Ezra to stay still for his inhaled breathing treatments (which can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes) we've been finding fun You Tube videos for him to watch. We started out with Old School Sesame Street but have progressed to some new kooky ones. The kids love dancing along to them (Maeve doing her blind girl dancing =)!

And for your listening pleasure--our favorite--the Letter Z Song:

I have a few more posts I'm working on--I still haven't even LOOKED at Christmas pictures no less edited them! AHHHH And we had our first snow today so the kiddos went out and played! AND we painted the toy room again (third time is a charm?!)....I'm so behind on blogging! =)

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