Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 It has been a quiet week around here and I don't mean literally quiet--I just mean we haven't done much. It's actually pretty noisy here most of the time! =) The weather has been cooler so we haven't been outside as much--I'm hoping it warms up soon!! Or, at least in time for spring break which starts next friday! YAY!!!
Last night Mr. Wonderful pulled out the vacuum and Maeve and Ezra wanted to get in on the action:

And Ezra spent most of the day wearing his sister's pink hat. Very Jaunty!

Today is supposed to be a preschool day for Maeve but I'm not sure I have the strength to drag Ezra through the halls screaming. He's just dying to go to preschool with his sister!
Oh well--maybe next year. =)
Happy Wednesday!

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