Friday, March 2, 2012

The day started with a lovely, yummy cup of steaming hot coffee....and you know that feeling when you pick up your favorite mug and lift your cup to take your first sip of the day and slips out of your fingers and covers the computer, desk, keyboard, mouse, your entire outfit and splashes on your husband's pants 5 seconds before he was going to walk out the door to work. Ay ca-rumba!! Only me. So I ended up spending the day smelling faintly of coffee and my keyboard keys are sticky. HA. Oh well, it could have been worse! A friend of mine wrote on facebook today that she saw her first tornado spinning from outside her basement window so I will not complain and take the little things for what they are--very. very. little.
In other news, it was haircut day in the Wonderful household!! Ezra was long overdue---his hair just doesn't look that great long--it gets super straight on top and super fluffy on the sides. I couldn't take the flat mushroom look anymore so I buzzed him. My clippers died 2/3 of the way through so hopefully they'll charge up tonight so I can finish it off tomorrow!
He's so handsome with his short hair!!!
Maeve and Daddy got trimmed up too. Amelie gets her turn tomorrow. =)
Maevey started preschool back up this week and it's been a treat to have time to run an errand here and there again. Her school only lasts an hour so it's not long but it's just enough time to run to the grocery store or Jo Ann's. 
Speaking of Joann's--I picked up some perfect fabric for my porch-pillow-makeovers there. I will post pictures when my project is complete--it looks so happy--I love what a difference $10 of fabric makes! I couldn't find a picture of the fabric online...and I'm too lazy to take one but you can imagine that the background is dark blue with red/yellow large floral print and green leaves. Love.
I'm so glad the weekend is here--I'm so thankful my family has been healthy for one week--it's a miracle! It's been a long time since we were all healthy at the same time!! My birthday is tomorrow--which isn't very exciting now that birthdays mean getting older, hardly any presents and no excitement. Did I mention the getting older thing? Eh, that number certainly is getting BIG!!!
My birthday always makes me homesick and nostalgic for country life and family and home in NY. I miss it so much it hurts. I can't even breathe properly in NJ. I know the Lord has a plan for me here but sometimes I want to run away to the country and hide in the wilderness like I was able to do every day of my younger-years. I love my home and Jersey family so much, but there is just something about the country that speaks to my soul.
Anyway, enough rambling for one night. Happy Friday--hope you get to spend the weekend with people you love! It's pretty much the best gift ever!

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Madre said...

Happy Birthday dear daughter....we are soooo ready for you to come to the country for a visit! We will need to get out our calendars cause we know how fast the 2 best months of the year fly by. You are doing a great job with those beautiful glad we get to see your pictures and read your stories. WE LOVE YOU! madre xox