Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Weekend! Why must you fly by so quickly!?! 
We've been so spoiled lately and have had my husband home a lot--favorite!!! 
Unfortunately that's all about to end soon and his busy days are coming back around again. I'm so thankful for him and what a hard worker he is! (And that he has many opportunities to work! What a blessing!). 
Yesterday I finished a project I've been dreaming up for a while. I have never really been thrilled with the art work we had in the living room--I've tried a lot of things and nothing ever spoke to me (yes, when I decorate I frequently get spoken too by curtains, pillow, fabric--totally normal. Right? =). 
Also, I take hundreds of pictures a month and never really do anything with them except scrapbook them and forget them so--I decided to frame some of my prints! I priced large prints and they were SUPER expensive--like, I could by art from an actual artist expensive. 
Then I noticed that Snapfish (the site I've been using for years to make my albums) makes large posters and when they emailed me a 40% off coupon I couldn't resist! So I picked three of my favorite shots of the kids, converted them to black and white in photo shop and printed them off! When I got my posters I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. At first I thought I might mount them on something to make them look like photo canvases but when I went to Joann's it was going to cost a TON to buy all of the materials. On my way out the door I walked by the frames and noticed they were all on sale for 50% off! No coupon needed!! They had exactly three of the perfect size, perfect color frames for $12! I couldn't believe it! So here's the finished product! 
I LOVE it!
Love my babies!
Anyways, now it's Monday and I am yawny but looking forward to a week of lovely warm weather and lots of walks and trips to the park! =)


Janet said...

That looks AMAZING! It helps that your kids are adorable, too.

Breezy said...

I am totally going to copy that, but since I only have one kid I'm going to hang two of PJ and one of Adam Levine.

Madre said...

Wonderful pictures. They are perfect!

Janet said...


BluSkies80 said...

Love this Michelle-I always feel the same way with having so many pictures.

sarah e. said...

Looove it!