Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What an astoundingly gorgeous day! In the 70s and sunny and during March? Pretty ah-mazing! Mr. Wonderful has a super long field trip today (to Lancaster, for ACSI Competition) so I got to take Amelie to school today! I've only ever done it one other time and it's so hard for me to drop her off! Ezra cried and cried when she went into school--we love having her home with us and miss her during her long school days! They were all cuddled this morning watching a tv show before we left:
We were lucky enough to spend some time with our dear friends and all took long naps to recover from Ezra's 5am wake up call. Stupid daylight savings time! =)
After Amelie was dropped off (Thanks Janet!!!) we spent some time outdoors and the kids are now pj-ed and peaceful. Favorite!
I could really really REALLY get used to days like this!

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Madre said...

So glad you are all well and able to enjoy this beautiful weather. Love the picture of the group hug before school this morning!