Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today was a lovely day--it was a bit chilly to enjoy ourselves outdoors so we ran errands as a family. I LOVE days when we are all together and are on our own agenda. So fun! Well, fun aside from the CRAZINESS of the children. They were wild today! HA! We went to Target and Barnes and Noble and they each got to pick out a book--Ezra chose a book about cars, Maeve chose a Barbie sticker book and Amelie chose a chapter book! She is such a wonderful reader--I even have some of my favorite books that I pulled out for her that I used to enjoy! She's been reading my collection of Gail Carson Levine (she wrote Ella Enchanted)The Princess Tales --

I also got a chance to take out my new running sneakers on their maiden voyage. Boy, I may not actually run like the wind but sometimes I feel like it! They felt great and running felt amazing. Love that runners high!

And because I didn't take any pictures today here is a picture I took one year ago today--apparently I was potty training Maeve--I must have blocked this all from my memory!
That's all for now! Just going to watch a movie with my precious husband and eat Cheesecake Factory Burgers. YUM! Goodnight!

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