Saturday, March 31, 2012

This week was longggggg for us. I didn't realize my husband was starting another show in Philly right after the last one he did ended so I was totally bummed to be facing a few more long days. Tonight is his last concert connected with the opera, for the spring, so woot!! He does have two school concerts tomorrow which will make for another long day but I keep telling myself that spring break is just around the corner! I will make it! I will!! =)
We enjoyed a few play-dates this week, a couple days of preschool for Maeve, and Ladies Bible study.
Today, we were also lucky enough to get a special treat delivery from a dear friend who makes amazing delicacies (check it out!), a lovely and perfect play-date during which Ezra did his best impression of a hurricane and got out every toy imaginable and had a short but sweet visit with my bff and her family. 
And when we parted I sobbed because it breaks my heart to be far from people I love so much!
Anyways, on the lighter side--I had to snap a picture of Amelie b/c no one ever sees what her crazy curly hair looks like in the morning--sometimes it is soooo funny--BEHOLD--Crazy Curl Amelie and Tamed Curl Amelie:
That's it for now--the kids are in bed and I have lots of coupons to matchup for tomorrow's shopping. Yawn. Happy Saturday!

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Alison said...

Love Amelie's crazy hair! I had no idea as she usually looks so neat!