Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amelie Learns...

For weeks and weeks now, Amelie had been "packing" for a trip to NY.
I tried listening to her
but nothing could convince her that we weren't coming for a visit until June.
She has been dragging a suitcase and a trash bag full of things she "needed" for NY for days and days--even sleeping with them and going so far as to tell people that she was going to visit her Granny Blue Swing (code name for my Mom).
I told her that if she really really wanted to go to NY that she had to pray that God would make a way.
And guess what?
He. Did.
(And I still can't even believe it.)
Amelie prayed and that very night my Mom called me all excited about a van that they had found "by chance" on the way to run an errand.
They tested it out. (they liked it)
Asked the people to lower the price (they did).
Called me to tell me about it.
I talked it over with my husband.
Jumped through a few hoops to procure a loan.
Asked the people to lower the price again (they did).
And we ended up taking a last minute trip to NY!
All because the 4 yo prayed.
Isn't that amazing?
It's so cool to me that this is a way in which God is working that Amelie can understand and had a part of!
Isn't it amazing that the God we serve heard her prayer and answered it so concretely and QUICKLY?!?
I am amazed.
Now, can I have a volunteer to tell Amelie that we actually have to go back to NJ sometime soon!? AHHHH. =)


Julie said...

Never underestimate the power of a child's prayer, huh?

JerseyGranny said...

"...for such is the kingdom of heaven."

Wendy said...


You don't know me...I guess I'm a "lurker"... :) But I found your blog through Megan's...and I found hers through CF Husband...And I just felt compelled to comment...This is the sweetest post ever! She prayed and prayed...and her faith was unwavering!!! This just really spoke to me...You have an amazing little girl! My youngest son just turned 4 last month..4 year old olds rock! Have a nice day!
~Wendy Stands
PS~Maeve is also simply precious and congrats on your third....I have 3 also...alas...3 boys....LOVE them...but I drool everytime I see your adorable finds for your daughters...LOL! :)

Devin said...

I love it! What a great teachable moment that God provided for you!

So, so happy about your new van. We got ours 1 1/2 years ago, and I am telling you--it changed our lives! :-) Sounds silly, but all that extra room makes things a world of easier.

It is wonderful to be blessed in this way! Praising God with you today!

Madre said...

I'm so glad she prayed
so glad you came -

love u all - madre xoxoxo

Sheri said...

I LOVE IT! Its like the time my brother prayed for a rainbow when he was little and we tried to explain to him that they only come after rain when it was sunny and the next morning we woke up to a rainbow! Crazy- he was like 4 ish......Ahhhhhh, the lessons we learn!