Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Five

1. Even though this week was technically short, it felt very, very long. Praise the Lord for two napping children and long naps at the same time every day for the three of us.
Thank. You. Jesus.
2. We had a chance to visit with Mr. Wonderful's Floridian Step-Father this week--it was very nice to see him and some of his very large brood of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. He also brought a present for me from Mr. Wonderful's mother--an Amelie-sized box of many Stampin' Up stamp sets, ink pads, card making supplies, etc.
It. Is. Awesome.

3. I dress my girls in matching outfits so often it borders on obnoxious. I don't care. I heart it and will continue to do so until they're 13 and rebel =)
4. I feel like I'm getting closer on names--and I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY!!!! when we find out *fingers crossed we actually do* what brand of baby we're gonna have!!!
I even started an online registry just for fun because I'm in full baby-day-dream mode.
Fun times.
5. I hope that all of the questions Amelie has been asking lately turns her into some kind of super genius. My ears and mouth are tired people--this kid has got some CURIOSITY!! It's good and all, but what do I look like, the Encyclopedia Britannica?!? Tee hee!

Happy Weekend!

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Jess and Krissy said...

Oh, no, no. It most certainly is NOT obnoxious that you dress those beautiful girls alike. It's fun and wonderful, and exactly what I would do!

Do we get to know if it's a Mr. Wonderful or a Miss Wonderful when you do? And what about the names?

So excited for you!