Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay...so maybe that title is an overstatement of the "problem" but I'm having serious mental block on a baby name.
With my girls I had lists and things but always *knew* exactly what I wanted their names to be.

**Next week we find out what we're having and I want to have a few good names in place because I like talking about my baby by name not by "the baby" you know? **

Names I considered with Amelie:
1. Amelie/Amelia
2. Isabella

(Boy names: Aidan, Ian)

1. Maeve
2. Aurelia

(Boy Name: Jacob)

I want a name that is distinctive enough to make sense with Maeve and Amelie (you know, one you can't find on a key chain when you're on vacation)--like a name in the top 1000 but not the top 10. I was leaning towards Isabella again but know there are a lot of them out there--which for me, is a negative. I have a couple of good boy name ideas (neither popular nor weird) but neither boy name I like goes with any middle names I have lined up.

Names I have liked all along for baby numero tres:
1. Deacon
2. Dean

1. Lorelei

(I know two of these names are from Gilmore girls-I didn't realize that at first when I decided I like the name Dean but realize it now. hmm)

Names I "like" *today*:
1. Everett
2. Emmett (urgh, just realized this is a twilight name = more popular?)
3. Brayden (which i just found out is also for girls?!)
4. Thatcher/Forest/Grayson and similarly unusual boy names

1. Sophia
2. Nora
3. Maisie
4. Isabella (also twilight-mer)

Names I love that have been taken by close friends and family:

Now, go forth and comment and help a girl out--not that I'll take any advice--I have in the past always picked the names people liked least--I'm a rebel that way. =)


Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

I love Deacon and Grayson. I also like Grant. I can't use any of these since none of my husband's family would be able to say them! ={

For girls I have always loved Lorelei. So pretty! But again, couldn't use it!!

I love your name choices! My boys' names aren't super unique, but I do love that they're not super popular. And as much as I'd love to have a girl I think she'd go nameless her entire life since I can't seem to find one I love!

I'm sure you'll find the one you love! =)

scucer said...

I'm a PICU nurse, and see a LOT of Brayden/Braden/Aiden/Jayden/Peyton/Cayton's

A Jersey Girl said...

You are well on your way to another great name! I look forward to hearing what you decided on.


P.S. How are you enjoying the van?

Tribe Mama said...

Being a unique namer myself all I have to say is that I LOVE Grayson so much I named my only boy that:)

BluSkies80 said...

Hmmm...lots of good choices...I love Grayson and have considered that name, it's different. For a girl I like Sophia and Isabella but I know that you've ALWAYS have loved the name Lorelei=) I'm think that I'm set on my names but you know how that goes=)

Jess and Krissy said...

Love, love LOVE Lorelei and Nora. I'm weirder about boy names, but I kinda like Thatcher and Emmett. I'd probably go with Ian or Jacob, though.

Janet said...

I have a friend w a Jude and they named their other son Simon if you like that.

Pamela said...

Deacon Emmett.

onegrossfamily said...

I vote for Nora : )

Jennifer M. said...

I LOVE Lorelai...I know a little girl named that, and she is adorable and smart to boot! Her siblings are named Cole and Duncan...both boys of course.

Sarah said...

I just typed "Weber" into babynamegenie.com and it came up with Colin EMMETT Weber. And to further weird you out, I typed in Maeve into a different website to see what the origin is (knowing Amelie is French), and it came up with Amelie as a good sibling name match! Yikes! It also had Callum for a boy (plus others). What do you think about Callum? I can't decide.

I love Grayson, but I'm afraid since most people have said they like it, you won't use it. Am I right?! =)

I also love Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, but WAY too popular! Lorelei is really pretty!

Have you seen babynamewizard.com? It's totally awesome. It will give you suggestions, charts, everything.

I happen to be a name freak. I think Mike was more relieved when we had Josie that the naming obsession was over than that she was finally here. Boy, was he wrong! I still think/talk about them constantly!! Poor man!

Julie said...

OOOhh!! That IS a dilemma.

I like the name Haddaseh for a girl. Cuz you can call her Haddie for short.

My nephew (who is due to be born in a week or so) is going to be named Judah.

I know you probably already knew this, but the other day I discovered that there is a person out there named Mavis Beacon. Reminded me of your Maeve's nickname!!!

I'm excited to hear the results of your next ultrasound - praying for a healthy baby, and looking forward to finding out if it's a boy or girl...

Shelly said...

Julie--my best friend's boy is named Judah (love it!) and my niece's name is haddasah! ha! you're good =)

Sarah--i love the baby name generator and found out that maeve and amelie were possible sibling names--isn't that a hoot? and i really do like callum/collin. good ones!


i love looking at names at making lists and i can't wait to decide and call my little one by their *real* name! woot!

Shelly said...

p.s. and mavis beacon was the name of the computer software that taught me how to type when i was homeschooled--and that is totally why we call maeve--mavis or beacon =)

SarahV said...

nora is beautiful. and so are you :) love you friend and happy picking!!!

Amygirl said...

I can totally relate to having difficulty with names. Although I do have a girl name picked out I am at a loss for a boys name. Since I am into names that absolutly cannot be shortened because everyone knows how much I love my name shorten (beyond me why you would shorten a three letter name to another three letter name, must be the syllable count) I I am having trouble with a boys name that you cannot shorten that hasn't been used by a friend or family member. Oh the endless difficulty to picking out a name. I am sure you will come up with something fabulous though.


Amygirl said...

Oh and Aiden is extremely popular here in NY, I have three boys in my class that have this name (all spelled differently, amazingly)

Micayla said...

Lorelei is a very pretty name... and even though it was on Gilmore Girls it's not like the show is running anymore, so I think it's okay.
One name I really like for a boy is Calen. Although I have no clue what the middle name would be. I also really like Braden, and consider it for a boy name as well, but it's getting more and more popular :-(

How about Steven Jr? haha

JerseyGranny said...

Wow, your selections are great and whatever you choose will be perfect!

Sheri said...

We considered Brayden- but it was slightly more unusual than Samuel- so we sent with Brendan....A friend of mine just named her baby Dean- I like that too:)....and Sophia I have always liked (Same with Isabella or Isabel(- we talked about Sophie too- thats like sophia, but slightly different- maybe good for you.....course if you choose either of the girls name and we ever get a girl we might have kids with the same name:) he he- totally fine with me:)

Devin said...


Reading all those comments was really fun! I noticed you said you liked both Colin :-) and Callum. Of course, I have a Colin, so I'm partial to that, but my sis-in-law had a boy last year and named him CALLEN. Kind of a cross between the two, thought you might like that. Or not :-). Just an idea though!

I love the names you've chosen....I think you'll do great again this time around!

JerseyGranny said...

One thing's for sure...if it's a boy, I'm getting an adorable handmade cowboy quilt that I saw in the place where we got the dollhouse! Made with vintage fabic and stinkin' cute!

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

Girls names I like


Boys names I like
Cullen (if my husband would approve, this would SO be the boys name we would use the next time around, but the hubster doesn't like it...boooo!)

Just my two cents... I had a million names when I was preggers the first time, and ended up with Morgan Elisabeth... simple, not too common but not majorly out there, and it goes well together.

A Repletion of Reverie said...


Madre said...

Well you could ALWAYS let a sibling pick out your new baby's name, like I did. Your brothers would have been called Eric and Paul, if Aunt Dar hadn't instructed me for better choices.

I LOVE Collin - and I LOVE Lorilei (not too crazy about Delilah!) love u - madre xoxox