Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, the van is one step closer to ours as we have ensured financing and are now working out all of the little details of buying a vehicle out of state.
We're heading to NY tomorrow!
It's not going to be quite the peaceful weekend we had hoped for as Mr. Wonderful is heading back home bright and early Saturday morning to play a wedding in the area. The girls and I will stay a couple of days in NY to recover from the trip and head back home Monday or Tuesday. I'm not thrilled about driving a new vehicle 6 hours with both girls by myself--so pray for me my peeps!
On a happy note we do get to attend my cousin's wedding which I didn't think we'd be able to make and we'll get to spend some time with my parents doing fun stuff (zoo!).
I have so much to do today to prepare I don't even know where to start!
And to top it all off Mr. Wonderful's Spring Concert is tonight!!
I'm very excited about his concert but hoping I have enough time to accomplish the packing, the shopping and the cleaning that must be done.
Yeah...maybe I had better stop blogging now and get to it!
Happy Thursday!


Pamela said...

any chance you'd like to/have time to meet for a cup of coffee?

Micayla said...

That's great that everything worked out for you guys!

Julie said...

YAY for new vans!! Hope you have an awesome time in NY, and that your trip home is safe and uneventful.