Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Three In The Form Of A Summary, Question And A Statement

1. we had a lovely day--i finally got some much needed groceries, we met up with some good friends, the girls and i took excellent naps, i actually had the strength to make a yummy dinner and now everyone is playing outside--except for me, who is, of course, enjoying the air conditioning.

2. is delilah too devilish a name for a baptist baby? talk to me people. i *loveeee* that name--the husband--not so much (but, hello?! cute nickname possibilities galore! and really i think more people now-a-days think of delilah the radio hostess as opposed to delilah the temptress who tricked samson. it's not like i want to name the baby jezebel or judas--right? and maybe it's a boy so none of this matters anyways....)

3. i'm going out with one of my favorite prego friends tonight. woot!

good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Lindsay said...

How about just Lyla or spell it Lila

Megan and Company said...

Very pretty name!

loveburrito said...

I like Delilah, and I agree that you will have no shortage of nicknames to choose from. Here's my story: My mother was born in the Philippines 77 years ago. For whatever reason, her parents named her Salome. I knew her name was unique, but it was in my 5th grade Bible class (at a Baptist church/school) that I learned the Biblical Salome's story. I was horrified and embarassed. I had no idea. Mom had always gone by a cute nickame 'Lu', but I think she was just as embararred by it as well. Just remember that your daughter may learn the Biblical story of her name and wonder why you named her that. It is a very cute name, tho!

SarahV said...

i LOVE delilah. hello, delia? too cute.

but if you do jezibel, you could call her jezzy :) ha! ew.

onegrossfamily said...

I think it's a VERY cute name! If your hubby can get past his aversions, I say go for it!

It's funny how certain things persuade your feelings or perception of a name. I LOVE the name Lola, but my husband WILL NOT consider it because of that song about a transvestite name Lola. Sigh. Oh well. It's a shame, but I'm sure I'll find another name I love : )

Julie said...

I like Delilah!! It IS hard to disassociate a name with such a "story" to it though.

I personally have an aversion to a particular name due to a rather painful circumstance before Ande and I got married, and wouldn't you know my step-daughter's mom had a baby and named her that same name. Talk about awkward.

Good luck with your name "shopping", hope you find a winner that you both LOVE!

as told by: Korleen said...

I like the name Deliliah but I just wouldn't be able to get past the story. I'm also a little bitter that Jezibel had to go and ruin that name choice, cause I LOVE that name too. Happy hunting!