Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Think I'm Raising Jersey Girls (Not that there's anything wrong with that =)

Sometimes it's weird to me that my girls are growing up someplace so different than where I'm from.
I grew up on a farm, with a hundred acres, our closest neighbor was our grandparents, my closest friend was my puppy, my horse and whatever life was creeping about the place.
I spent a lot of time alone, quiet, outside, reading.
Traffic only occurred on Sunday when 4 cars would drive by the house on their way to church.
And we knew who was driving every single car ever that drove by!
We swam at the reservoir or at a lake and spent our vacations camping.
You had to drive 20 minutes to get anywhere.
You had to drive an hour to get to the mall.
There were no Targets.
(Just let that one sink in a little!)
My girls live in the land of everything-that-you-need-in-life-exists-in-our-3-mile-radius
(in triplicate even).
We go to the mall once a week--and take them out to eat as well!
(I never went out to eat on a regular basis until I started dating Mr. Wonderful--who says it's only men whose hearts you can find via their stomach? =)
I had dined merely at Pizza Hut, KFC and Mc Donalds and had no idea what an Applebees was.
We don't run in the fields--we play at the park or parks (there are many close by).
We take walks through town and not through the woods.
We all love Target.
I can't say I'm entirely used to being here.
But I can say, beyond a doubt, that I am thankful to be here with my family, my friends and the many, many Malls.
And although I may still love farm living, lake swimming, country-dwelling life over the life of a Jersey girl, I'm thankful for my little Jersey girls and their Jersey Father and our Heavenly Father who loves us just the same in the city as He does in the country.
Amen and Happy Sunday ya'll!


Sheri said...

awwwwww.....nicely said! Funny I didn't realize you were THAT FAR OUT:) he he

Julie said...

Wow, you definitely had a different up-bringing than your girls are having!!

BTW, love your pic on the sidebar! Very pretty!