Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today In No Particular Order

* i gave maeve her first haircut! she has this weird 3 layer thing going on and now she's down to 2 layers and looking very presh.
* p.s. giving an almost 20 month old a haircut is not fun or easy! she's squirmy!
* i had an ob check up today and heard that my quad screen and ultrasound all turned back normal results--woot!
* heartbeat = love
* i want to know how it's possible to have only gained 5 pounds but feel like i've gained 105. eh.
* i started packing for our big vacay next week and i can not wait! even it if rains everyday at least we'll be AWAY! together! in lovely, free, deluxe accommodations!!
* i've been exceedingly delinquent in taking pictures--hopefully we have many photo ops on vacation.
* i see *grayson* is the poll winner! i still can't commit to a name--this is more complicated than i expected =) cullen and deacon also did well in the poll--i threw in the other two: archer and ezra to see what people thought--i'm surprised more people didn't vote for ezra--i think it's kind of a cool Bible name. anyways! thanks for voting and stay tuned because SOME day, we'll decide
* in other baby boy news--mini boden may have sold out of all things boy and cool but i did score some cute finds on ebay on the cheap. woot!

happy thursday!


Breezy said...

Oh, speaking of names, I voted for Grayson, but upon further thought, I think Archer Steven sounds awesome!!

Sarah said...

I just found the name Callan today. I think it sounds really cool in a Cullen sort of way without being too overused.

I like Ezra, but I don't think it has enough of a unique feel to it...could be because I know two Ezras.

Just thought I'd share! Can't wait to hear what you end up choosing!! =)

Sarah said...

...oh, not that Cullen is too overused. Its still cool and funky and unique. But I think it has more potential to be overused these days. But what do I know!! =)

I think I might have found a girl's name that I love...if we ever have another baby and it happens to be a girl!!

A Repletion of Reverie said...

If you go with Archer....I will most certainly buy the child a crossbow.

Sheri said...

Enjoy your vacation!!! And seriously only 5 lbs? I think I gain 5 pounds by 10 weeks and thats WITH morning sickeness!:) oh well.....