Thursday, June 25, 2009

S'Wonderful! S'Marvelous!

We're back!
We spent hours on the boards

and the beach

and had buckets of wonderful family time!
What an excellent vacation! I was worried our parade would be rained on but it was actually lovely! The girls loved all things water, beach, swimming, sand, shells etc. And I loved sitting on a beach chair watching them have tons of fun! What a joy and delight!
Vacation rocks!
((Being at home rocks too--you know, except for the after-vacay-clean-up. =))


Julie said...

YAY for good times at the beach!

Devin said...

Shelly--I grew up having summers with my Dad in NJ--and we went to Wildwood several times. It is magnificent there...and your pictures just take me back! I am so thrilled you had a wonderful time, and I enjoyed living vicariously through these pics. :-) Welcome home!

Madre said...

I lOVE the pictures. They are beautiful - the pictures AND the subjects!