Thursday, June 11, 2009


* has mixed feelings about spending an entire week either at home without her husband or gone without her husband in the evenings. i like him and miss him.
* would post a countdown until the end of the school year but has no idea when her husband will actually be done with school, if ever, due to the project of combining the elementary and high school campuses into one building.
* is so thankful to have a vacation to look forward to!!!
* needs to renew her driver's license...which is a little sad because i look so YOUNG in the picture =)
* is feeling needy lately....i'm pretty sure it's all the fetus' fault.
* remembered why it isn't a good idea to watch : A baby story, Bringing Home Baby, Deliver Me etc. while pregnant--every story--good, bad, normal, cute, ALL make me cry! HA!
* has a patch of baby boy blue in maeve's very pink closet and i like it!!
* went to H & M and found AWESOME boy clothes on super clearance. Nice!
* had two girl's nights this week and a visit from her best friend and cute family this weekend--it was WONDERFUL! yay for friends--i am so thankful to have them!
* has never worn high heels--mostly because i can barely walk in flip flops.
* just remembered she is cooking dinner--yikes! better stop for now! ha!


A Repletion of Reverie said...

H & M rocks the world.

Julie said...

I vote for not being home and just having Mr. W away in the evenings.

Oh, can I ever relate to the driver's license picture - I had one a few years ago that was GREAT (like who can ever really say that? ME, that's who - I even got compliments on it!) and when it came time to renew, I thought I could just keep the old picture. NOPE. What's worse is that I didn't dress/wear makeup/fix my hair as if I were going to get my picture taken, so now my picture is AWFUL.

Ah, any of those baby story shows are TOUGH when you're prenant. I can hardly watch them NOW, and I'm definitely not pregnant.

Yeah for new baby clothes - especially ones bought on clearance!

Good friends are so awesome to have.

I like to pretend I can walk in high heels, but I really can't. :( I wear them anyway.

Ok, time to make one final drive to the bus stop for the year...

Have a great day!

Ree said...

They do give you the option of keeping your old picture-if the last license you got was a digital one. I just had to renew mine. I was pregnant w/Shea in the last one and could not wait to redo it!! But they asked me if I wanted to keep it. The only problem with keeping the old one is that you do change and should have an updated photo.