Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something To Consider the Next Time Around; Amelie Says

At the doctor's office yesterday, a nurse asked Amelie her name.
She pulled the shy act and ran away and moments later told her father
(with her hand cupped near her mouth to hide what she was saying from the nurse....)
"I don't want to tell her my name because she's going to call me EMILY! And that is not my name!"


Madre said...

You say Amels and She'll say Emels - that girl really cracks me up. I still think the funniest thing ever is that she is going to call her baby brother "cinnamon"!

A Jersey Girl said...

I'll tell you, we live with that everyday! My poor son, DECLAN, never has his name pronounced correctly! He is usually nice about it though which is good because I just want to smack the people and say,"Just like it is spelled"!!!

Maybe I should have gone with Bob:)