Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sporty Soapbox; Looking For The Silver Lining In The All American Past Time

My husband and I love one another.
One of the reasons I especially *heart* him is because he allows me total control of the tv remote.
He is content to watch anything Food Network-y, HGTV-y and Housewives of Fill-In-The-Blank-y until the cows come home
just because I like it.
He also doesn't watch sports.
Or at least, he doesn't ask to watch sports.
My husband actually really loves the Phillies
(that's a Philadelphia Baseball team for those of you, like me, who forgot everything they ever knew about sports once they hit the age of 13)
and has loved watching them since he was young.
But he loves me more.
And never really watched the games because he knew I probably wouldn't enjoy it.
You see, I have a small problem with professional sports--I think they're a wee bit ridiculous.
Yes, I know these are strong words and no, I don't have ANY problem with watching or participating in organized athletics in schools (as long as they don't take precedence over academics...ahem), or privately or publicly with friends, family, in leagues etc and I think they're wonderfully valuable as a way of forming bonds, developing skill and confidence, team work in people.
But I think it's freaking insane that people get paid large amounts of money to
I just don't understand it and I never will.
(1. Probably because I've never enjoyed sports personally and the sport-i-est thing I do is chase babies.
2. And yes, I *know* that I'm the only one AND you can take my words with a grain of salt--
3.I don't even like Disney World for goodness sake! --so just go ahead and ignore me =) husband has recently started watching games when I'm otherwise occupied and dutifully turns the channel when I walk in the room but I find that I'm loosening up in my old age and have started to sit through parts of a few games and I've finally done it!
I've found the reasons that baseball (or at least, Phillies baseball) can be watchable.
Here they are:

That's Chase Utley and Jayson Werth
Um, they're cute and actually good at the game--as long as you can ignore
1. Utley's endless scratching, shifting, hat fixing, bat swinging, dirt kicking dance between every. single. pitch.
2. The fact that Werth's first name has a *Y* in it.
Oh yeah, and the main reason baseball is watchable...
(at least the first 9 innings anyway--did you know that sometimes baseball just lasts forever and no one wins until the team who is marginally better than the other team by fluke makes a run? I'm learning...slowly but surely.)
is Him:
He's my favorite reason to watch baseball.
Cause I love him more each day and love the little smile that a simple sports game brings to his long as they're winning that is =)


Julie said...

I am SO with you on the whole sports thing, especially the "getting paid to play a game" part!

Fortunately, I have a hubby who doesn't care too much about watching sports on TV anyway. Probably helps that we don't actually HAVE a TV, too. :)

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

Oh man! I think this has been one of my favorite posts of yours! You cracked me up!!
Maybe little boy Weber will like sports too and they'll both make you a forever fan! =)

Sheri said...

all I have to say is just WAIT!!! HA- All I could think about is my life with boys....You are in for it:) Its all good though- you seem so easy going you'll be fine:)

Seriously though- DISNEY??? come on now:)

Pamela said...

I love baseball more in the stadium than on tv. The only games that are ever on our non-cable set are Yankee games, and I freaking hate them. Well, not really hate, but as far as baseball is concerned, I loathe them.

And the salaries are ridiculous.

And so is pretty much everything Disney.

Micayla said...

Chase Utley is definitely a reason to watch the Phillies :-) I'm obviously a Red Sox fan but I'll concede to watching the Phillies to catch a glimpse of that cutie.... and yes, Ryan knows about my feelings for Chase. Haha

Devin said...

Oh, Shelly...that was so funny! Glad to see that you are opening up to the idea of watching baseball every once in a while! I'm a very sporty person (player and watcher) but I don't like to watch professional ANYTHING because of your same line of reasoning. Ri.dic.u.lous. for someone to make that kind of money playing for a living!

And, I don't like Disney either. Hmmph.

JerseyGranny said...

I'm gonna have to echo what Sheri said. I used to be a girlie girl until our last two were of age. Then, I became a soccer mom!